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Base-2018 UI Part 1 - 2018-09-17

3.33/5 (12 votes).

Welcome to the BuufJuiced free theme. 

The base will hold 2 packs. The UI and Icons. You need both for the experience.

This free release holds more then most paid themes provide so be thankfull what you get. 

This initial release celebrates the new iOS11 repo release and will no longer be updated with new stuff. 

This is what you get and the donators get more then 2.5GB add-ons and VIP's even more.

Have fun....


1. Free edition (2 base themes and no addons) remains free but will not receive any updates

2. Full edition (for Paypall from 3,00 until 9.99) get all the stuff (updates) and all the addons.

3. VIP edition is 10 bucks and up (get all like .2) and can choose from several custom made stuff (you will be pleased) to choose from.

So look me up on my Discord channel (see twitter bio) or Paypal to: WHYNOTCALLMERO@GMAIL.COM


Base themes tutorial:

1. Install the tweak Anemone

2. Unpack and drop the .theme inside /Library/Themes

3. Put base-ui at the bottom and stack base-icons on top of that

4. Go inside the tweak and activate the packs

5. Latest Anemone doesn’t respring anymore so sometimes you have to do that manually if it doesn’t work properly. Running iCleanerPro also helps…


All new settings icons


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